Sculpting has taught me more lessons about Art than any other medium through which I’ve expressed. Lessons about Art having a mind of its own and a timing of its own. Lessons about having things break and then, having repaired them, recognizing that they emanate much more Life that they would have had they never broken. Lessons about thinking the thing is marvelous one minute, a disaster the next and how that journey is an inextricable part of my process – the going from “I’ve got it! It’s fantastic!” to “I’ve lost it! It’s stupid!” in a mad circle round the moon, from light to dark to light again.

I sculpt with polymer clay, which is cured in my otherwise unused oven at 275 degrees, therefore it is delicate and fragile and — like people — ages and changes and sometimes cracks and needs mending. Those pictured here have been gifts or commissions or still live at my house.