I’ve “written” quite a few songs over the years, different styles for different occasions, but again, not a musician, don’t play an instrument, except to poke out a few notes on a piano. My experience of songwriting has thus far been, I sort of conjure them, I guess. Here’s a thumbnail sketch of how this album came to be: My father was a completely tone deaf Jewish fellow from Philadelphia, who -- mysteriously to us, growing up Yankee -- adored country music. Over the years, I discovered the very poignant reasons for this predilection of his, and when he passed away, a tribute song floated into my mind, intended solely for my family. It’s called “The Tennessee Rifle Company,” and it was the genesis of this alternative country album. Around the same time, I met Jay Ferguson (of Spirit and JoJo Gunne and “Thunder Island” fame), and happened upon the golden opportunity to record this song in the studio of this super-seasoned musician, producer and all around cool cat. In the midst of this process, Jay turned to me and said, “You know, I think you’re more of a songwriter than you realize.” Well, this encouragement felt like sunlight breaking through the clouds to me – especially taking into account those gold records he had stacked up in the corner of the bathroom floor. And so, I began birthing these nine songs under his generous and joyful aegis. We both decided it ought to have at least one foot in country throughout. For me, it was a labor of love from start to finish, a journey full of journeys.
  • Mother Nature's Daughter - Suzie Plakson
  • Goin' Goin' Gone - Suzie Plakson
  • The Tennessee Rifle Company - Suzie Plakson
  • Flying Into The Flame - Suzie Plakson
  • Love Slave Stick Up - Suzie Plakson
  • Take You, Take Me - Suzie Plakson
  • Billy Boy Blue - Suzie Plakson
  • DidnWannaDoIt! - Suzie Plakson
  • At the End of My Day - Suzie Plakson
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